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April 1st, 2011

Website: Tania Alvarez

Screenshots of website by Tania Alvarez, Learner, New Media

“As a graduate of Ryerson’s Communication and Culture program, I really wanted to explore a more technical approach to visual communication. As an Image Arts certificate student I get to pursue my love of photography, and as a Chang School student I have the option of taking interest courses outside the program. That’s what led me to take ‘Introduction to Web Presentation’ (CDNM 109). I was really just looking to get my feet wet in terms of understanding how to use Dreamweaver to create a website. The course was taught by Rodney Werden. His approach was student focused and flexible. I found his teaching method incredibly engaging and helpful. I never felt overwhelmed and am considering taking more advanced web design courses with The Chang School. Also, the projects I showcased on my site included work I had done in previous continuing education courses including ‘Digital Tools I & II’ with Sean Gallagher, and ‘Digital Capture’ with Rob Davidson. It’s great to be able to add to my skill set and explore creative expression through a variety of media.”

Note: Tania’s website is not published online yet, but you can visit her blog here:

This site was developed for Rodney Werden’s course introducing Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash animation: ‘Introduction to Web Presentation’ (CDNM 109).

March 2nd, 2011

Website: Damian Simev

Screenshots of websites by Damian Simev, Learner, New Media

Check out Damian’s “humble beginnings” site or visit his new website:

The original site was developed for Phillip Chertok’s course on creating algorithmic design, animation, and a dynamic interface: ‘Flash for New Media’ (CDNM 209).

January 13th, 2011

Website: Max the Rocket


Screenshot of website by Max Rusan, Learner, New Media

Check out Max’s website:

This site was developed for Phillip Chertok’s course on creating algorithmic design, animation, and a dynamic interface: ‘Flash for New Media’ (CDNM 209).

January 7th, 2011

Website & Blog: Jane Langille


Screenshots of website and blog by Jane Langille, Learner, Writing Workshops

“Before launching my website, my work had been published in The Globe and Mail. Since launching my website, I have added More, Cottage Life, and Best Health online to my portfolio. Queries for writing assignments are job interviews by email, so it is important for me to have a website where editors can see my work as they consider pitches for new articles.

The Chang School workshop, ‘Writers and the New Media’ (CWWR 369), gave me the skills and confidence to build my own website and blog. The workshop format provided the opportunity to build the site in a classroom computer lab using the latest software. Instructor Rhonda Abrams was very encouraging, helpful, and knowledgeable.”

Check out Jane’s website and blog:
Note: Jane is working on site revisions to be posted in 2011.

These projects were developed for Rhonda Abrams’ workshop for writers who want to launch a website: ‘Writers and the New Media’ (CWWR 369).