ChangSchoolCreates.ca was established to showcase the works and creativity of Chang School students.

The Chang School offers an array of courses to inspire adult learners to flex their creative muscles and develop their communication skills, whether this be through writing, photography, filmmaking, design, or new media. Students can choose individual courses to meet their needs or complete a certificate program or course series to attain a credential.

Explore some of our current program options:

The Chang School’s community of motivated students includes individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and from a wide range of ages. Some are new to their topic of study, while others have related educational or professional experience. Whatever your motivation – skill development, career advancement, career change, degree completion, professional designation – you can be part of a dynamic, vibrant community of adults who will help set the stage for your success.

Note: The contents of this website’s postings represent the work of individual students, and the views expressed in the comments posted on this website are those of some site visitors. These opinions do not necessarily represent those of The Chang School or Ryerson University.

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