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August 8th, 2014

Excerpt from Jade Beach

by Kathy Rupcic, Learner, Writing Workshops

I kick down further to come face to face with the reef. The French Angelfish like these crevices and I study as they float in suspension outside their miniature caves. I’m giddy with the thought that no matter where I drift, I’m in the company of wonderful friends; Blue Tang, Batfish, Yellow bars, Clownfish, Coral Grouper, Parrot Fish, Damsel Fish, Tobies and Surgeons.

I feel uncommonly welcome in these aquatic villages. Today’s location is exceptional. The sky blue water feels as soft as it looks and creamy white sand seems to emanate light from the ocean floor. The splendor makes it hard to accept that on the beach above, a man stands with a rifle.

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Kathy’s travel story was written for Ann Ireland’s online course for travel writers: ‘Creative Travel Writing’ (CWWR 952).