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October 30th, 2013

My Friend Anxiety

by Steph Lindsay, Learner, Writing Workshops

She finds her way into my bed
never wanting to let me sleep
her touch keeps me restless
she whispers sweet nothings
worries and fears

I wake to feel her inside me
her hands twist, squeeze and knot
my stomach
she sweetly strokes my racing heart

I breathe dead air
her hand circles my neck
inhaling fast, short, shallow
lungs barely able to expand
muscles tensed
gasping against her grip

Slowly she dances into my head
filling the empty space with noise
her flamenco
stomping, clapping in the silences
spinning, spinning
trembling, I collapse
into sleep

In the morning, I roll into her arms
She knows how to keep me under the covers

Steph wrote this piece for a course on creative writing about grief and loss: ‘Writing Creatively About Grief’ (CWWR 530).