Pink Felt Mouse

by Heather Palmer, Learner, Writing Workshops

I am a pink felt mouse. I was made in China. Had I had some form of control over my destiny I would not have chosen this colour, amongst many other things. It is misleading. There is nothing feminine about me.

Shortly after I was stitched together I found myself vacuumed packed into a little baggie along with a half dozen other mice just like me. Early one morning, shortly after we had been pieced together, we were shipped out of Beijing to the Big Apple. It seemed to take forever to cross the ocean, mainly because the blue mouse wouldn’t stop yapping. If I hadn’t been an inanimate object I would have put a stop to it but … well, you understand. There were a half dozen of us, green, red and yellow included, squished together for the first third of our lives. Needless to say, we got to know one another fairly intimately over the course of our travels.

Once we were in New York they left us in a warehouse for a few weeks. We finally saw the light of day when we were sent to a neighbourhood pet shop in the upper west side. We were hung on a shelf, three or four bags deep and quickly came to know the chiming sound that signalled the entrance of a new customer into the store. Uneasiness passed through us with each bag that was taken from in front. We had no idea what the future held.

The jiggle-bell balls to our left from Brazil in garish colours hadn’t moved much and the larger plush mice to our right, from Turkey (and completely impractical due to their size) hadn’t been too popular either. It could have been our price-point or the fact that we were a half dozen to a bag but for whatever reason, we were moving fast. Though clearly, I had my theories.

About Heather Palmer:

“I received my undergraduate degree in Art History from the University of Victoria sometime ago and have recently begun studying education at the University of Toronto. I have always enjoyed writing but until I joined Cordelia’s class I had not had a sounding board for it. Most of my writing is based on general life experiences but other pieces come from entirely whimsical places that, until I began writing, I never knew I had.”

Heather’s piece was written for Cordelia Strube’s workshop introducing short fiction writing: ‘Short Fiction Writing – Level I’ (CWWR 410).

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