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February 28th, 2012


by Christine Jarvis, Learner, Writing Workshops

The war was going badly and I tried even harder to be invisible. I ate as little as possible and never even thought about asking for more. I knew every bite of food I took was a bite of food Beppe would not have.

Beppe had one brother. His name was Albertus and he lived somewhere in the south. Beppe was secretive about just where, but then, Beppe was secretive about just about everything.

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February 7th, 2012

Pink Felt Mouse

by Heather Palmer, Learner, Writing Workshops

I am a pink felt mouse. I was made in China. Had I had some form of control over my destiny I would not have chosen this colour, amongst many other things. It is misleading. There is nothing feminine about me.

Shortly after I was stitched together I found myself vacuumed packed into a little baggie along with a half dozen other mice just like me. Early one morning, shortly after we had been pieced together, we were shipped out of Beijing to the Big Apple. It seemed to take forever to cross the ocean, mainly because the blue mouse wouldn’t stop yapping. If I hadn’t been an inanimate object I would have put a stop to it but …

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